Youth Speaking to America - it's wey cool!
Building a Toolbox to the Future

  Youth Speaking to America ( YSTA ) is about opening a door to our children's future. I call it ‘Building a Toolbox* ’.

  As our children are building their toolbox of life, learning the value of presentation skills could mean success much earlier in life, and for the rest of their life.

  As they step out into the world of work, they face interviews? Those adults that have had the privilege of job interviews, soon realize it is not all about your resume but your ability to also think on your feet.

 In today's electronic age employers easily can learn about you before you arrive. So then what becomes most important is your ability to think on your feet.  They ask questions that may have no bearing on the job at all!  In Toastmasters we called it extemporaneous speaking or Table Topics.

When we begin to add Table Topic, and  presentation skills, along with speech evaluation skills we are then building that Toolbox


*Toolbox - is a metaphor for your mind

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